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No response on mono-list, so I thought I'd try here.

Does anyone know of a list targeted specifically to developing
apps on and/or for multiple CLR platforms?  

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Hi All,

VS2005 and 2008 create resources in a Properties folder and generate a
Properties.<ResourceName>.Designer.cs file for each one.

The resulting assemblies are portable to Mono for execution purposes, and
can even be compiled by gmcs if you set the resource prefix correctly.

However, this isn't very helpful for a project with contributors who work on
other platforms or ides. The Designer.cs files can be edited, but since they
are generated, the changes will be lost the next time somebody works with
them in Visual Studio.

So... I'm thinking of going back to a more hand-crafted approach, with
resources in a directory and actual application code to load them as needed.

Before I start, I'm wondering if anyone else has dealt with this and has a
better solution.


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