[Mono-dev] Incoming changes to Mono.Simd

Alan McGovern alan.mcgovern at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 12:24:17 EST 2008

> The second issue is a limitation of the C# language,
> which require extension methods to be defined of sealed classes. This would
> mean that code written against mono 2.2 version
> of Mono.Simd might not compiler with newer versions.

Well, I'd vote for using the method which is *cleaner* and easier to
use/maintain regardless of whether it's an API breaking change or not.
I personally love the extension methds on the array types. I would
also much prefer a.AddWithSaturation (b) rather than the fully
qualified way it is done now.

Out of interest, why do we use static methods currently rather than
instance methods? Would using instance methods instead of extension
methods complicate things jit-wise, as API-wise it'd be essentially
the same.


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