[Mono-dev] Controls within a control in ASP.NET

Marek Habersack grendel at twistedcode.net
Thu Aug 28 15:15:23 EDT 2008

On Tue, 26 Aug 2008 05:45:00 -0400
"Wael Zeenni" <bigzee at zeenni.net> wrote:


> Petit, Marek, Thanks for the responses so far.  
> I (finally) got XSP2 and Mono to run in debug mode and now there are line numbers
> into the code files that show up on the error page. Below is what I am getting: 
> Server Error in '/' Application
> at System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequest (System.Web.HttpContext context) [0x00049] in

> Does that mean anything to anyone? In the above error that is referring to my
> Default.aspx page, line 37 and 41 are simply the Dialog control that I am using.  
In itself it doesn't mean anything - you forgot to attach the generated file (whose
path I left above). Note that each time you generate restart the application, the
file will have a different name - please copy the file and attach it to the mail
along with the new backtrace. 


> I have no clue how to read through the source code of mono for the other .cs
> files. If anyone can help I would REALLY appreciate it.  
> Thank you.  
> Zee.
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> "Wael Zeenni" <bigzee at zeenni.net> wrote:
> > Dear Eric, 
> > 
> > Thanks for the response. 
> > 
> > I ran the ComponentArt DLL through the MoMA and everything turned out fine. There
> > were no PInvokes and no missing Mono functionality. 
> > As to where the error is coming up, I know exactly where it's happening. I
> > started a blank aspx page and placed 2 controls in it. One of them is a Dialog
> > control and then, inside this dialog control, I placed a text box. When I ran
> > this through IIS, it worked fine. However, when I ran it with Mono, I got the
> > same error below. Realistically, I don't need to declare these controls using
> > "new" at runtime as I am not creating them dynamically. They are already on the
> > page. However, if this is a Mono workaround, I guess I'll have to try that. But
> > where should I declare these controls? In the PageLoad()? And regarding your
> > other solution about tracing, unfortunately, I'm not that experienced with doing
> > this sort of stuff. I just thought that I couldn't be the only person here with
> > this problem. I'm sure someone else must have had some project where a control
> > is contained within another control :p Any ideas? I really need this to work or
> > else it will effectively kill my web app's cross-platformness :( Zee _____ 
> It's most likely a bug in Mono. It's hard to fix it given the information in your
> previous mail, though. Could you, please, run the application with mono --debug
> (and make sure that <compilation debug="true"/> is present in your web.config),
> then post the backtrace together with the generated file. That will give more
> information and make it easier to see what's going on.
> regards,
> marek
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