[Mono-dev] XIM and mono-winforms-2.0

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Tue Aug 19 05:39:14 EDT 2008


> Hi,
>> Without precise information on what message was actually output, which
>> IM engine you actually used (env | grep XMODIFERS) etc., it is almost
>> impossible to fix something from your message. canna itself is of course not
>> an xim implementation.
> [paul at PB3 ~] env | grep XMODIFIERS
> [paul at PB3 ~] cd mwf-designer
> mkdir -p build
> cp deps/*.dll build
> cp deps/*.mdb build
> cd build && mono --debug mwf-designer.exe
> Could not get XIM
> All text entry boxes show whatever key was pressed first.
> Using fedora rawhide, mono/libgdiplus 2.0 preview 1.

Hrm, I set my scim to use canna and ran MWF app, but since
my environment is fine and does not result in "Could not get XIM",
I couldn't reproduce this bug (I have no idea how to break XIM support
safely). So far, I assume it is your environment that is broken.
All the XIM initialization sequence is written in
EnsureLayoutInitialized() in

You might want to try some native XIM samples such as:

Finally, as a workaround you can set environment XMODIFIERS=dummy to
avoid call to XOpenIM() which is likely breaking your mono/mwf
We cannot introduce any workaround for you, as we cannot avoid call to
XOpenIM() while everything looks fine.

Atsushi Eno

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