[Mono-dev] ClientCertificateValidation SSL in MONO

Petit Eric surfzoid at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 10:18:24 EDT 2008

I forget the Mono web link, but the new method(who prevent "obsoloete"
warning seem to doesn't work yet, so i use the 1.0 one, in a static
class like this :
and it work

2008/8/13, Dominik <domi.w at gmx.de>:
> hi,
>  i'm trying to  connect with ssl as client but the callback function
>  never invoked and the server do not become any data... do you know why
>  its not working?
>  i'm using SSL3 / TLSv1
>  On the server side(Authenticate as server works fine but not as client)
>  it seems all must be correct... :(
>  here is my code in vb.net to authenticate as client:
>                            DataSSLStream = New
>  Mono.Security.Protocol.Tls.SslServerStream(DataSock.GetStream,
>  X509Certificate.CreateFromCertFile("/home/mono/ssl.cer"), True, False)
>                            DataSSLStream.PrivateKeyCertSelectionDelegate
>  = New PrivateKeySelectionCallback(AddressOf GetPrivateKey)
>                            DataSSLStream.ClientCertValidationDelegate =
>  New CertificateValidationCallback(AddressOf VerifyClientCertificate)
>        Private Function GetPrivateKey(ByVal certificate As
>  X509Certificate, ByVal targetHost As String) As AsymmetricAlgorithm
>            Dim key As PrivateKey =
>  PrivateKey.CreateFromFile("/home/mono/ssl.pvk", "password")
>            Return key.RSA
>        End Function 'GetPrivateKey
>        Private Function VerifyClientCertificate(ByVal certificate As
>  X509Certificate, ByVal certificateErrors() As Integer) As Boolean
>            If certificate IsNot Nothing Then
>                Console.WriteLine(certificate.ToString(True))
>            Else
>                Console.WriteLine("No client certificate provided.")
>            End If
>            Return True
>        End Function
>  I hope you can help me, thanks!!
> Dominik
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