[Mono-dev] Writing Code that refers to IIS

Eric Zeltmann eric.zeltmann at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 22:19:13 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I've been quite interested in getting the ASP.NET MVC libraries working on
Mono.  Specifically I mean working without any hacks or overloads outside
the normal code.  I've looked through the libraries that are included in
Preview 4, and found that really only System.Web.Abstractions is calling
methods that don't exist or are stubs (including TODO stubs) in Mono.  I
figured it would be a good start to work there, and then slowly uncover the
rest of the puzzle as I go.  I'd like to make some patches for these
methods, but I have a question about implementing them.  Any pointers or
direction would be much appreciated.  I've included a list of the methods

The majority of the methods from the list below are referencing functions in
IIS (7.0 specifically).  In general how does Mono (possibly mod_mono?)
handle calls to specific IIS functions?  Is a goal of Mono to have complete
interoperablity with the Microsoft code, or only to implement code that has
use in Mono environments?

Thank you all for any guidance.
-Eric L. Zeltmann

Methods not found by System.Web.Abstractions from ASP.NET MVC preview 4:
(List generated using MoMa comparing to 1.9)

*Method*: HttpCookieMode System.Web.SessionState.HttpSessionState.CookieMode
*Type*: Property - HttpCookieMode - Get Only

*Method*: void
*Type*: Public Method.

*Method*: WindowsIdentity System.Web.HttpRequest.LogonUserIdentity
*Type*: Property - WindowsIdentity - Get Only

*Method*: bool System.Web.HttpStaticObjectsCollection.NeverAccessed()
*Type*: Property - bool - Get Only

*Method*: void System.Web.HttpServerUtility.TransferRequest(String)*
Type*: Public Method

*Method*: void System.Web.HttpServerUtility.TransferRequest(String, bool)
*Type*: Public Method

*Method*: void System.Web.HttpServerUtility.TransferRequest(String, bool,
String, NameValueCollection)
*Type*: Public Method

*Method*: int System.Web.HttpResponse.SubStatusCode
*Type*: Property - int

*Method*: bool System.Web.HttpResponse.TrySkipIisCustomErrors
*Type*: Property - bool

*Method*: void System.Web.HttpResponse.DisableKernelCache()
*Type*: Public Method

*Method*: NameValueCollection System.Web.HttpResponse.Headers
*Type*: Property - NameValueCollection - Get only

*Method*: void System.Web.HttpResponse.TransmitFile(string, int64, int64)
*Type*: Public Method

*Method*: void System.Web.HttpResponse.AddCacheDependency(CacheDependency[])
*Type*: Public Method

*Method*: void System.Web.HttpResponse.AddCacheItemDependency(string)
*Type*: Public Method

*Method*: void System.Web.HttpResponse.AddCacheItemDependencies(string[])
*Type*: Public Method

*Method*: void System.Web.HttpResponse.AddCacheItemDependencies(ArrayList)
*Type*: Public Method

*Method*: void
*Type*: Public Method
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