[Mono-dev] Defines cleanup

Rodrigo Kumpera kumpera at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 10:12:10 EDT 2008

Hey guys,

Given the typo I found in new the linear-ir code, I decided to take a look
at all defines we have in the JIT so we can sanitize usage and document

It turns out that we have more typos on our tree and a huge amount of
defines in the wild. It's hard for me to grasp
the meaning of then even after more than a year looking over the code. I
fixed the 3 typos in r110044, please review the changes.

Besides that, it still leaves us with something like two hundred defines for
conditional compilation in mini, 59 of then are MONO_ARCH_*.
We have things like CUSTOM_STACK_WALK that is used in mini-exceptions.c that
only mini-mips.h define it, inside a #if 0 block.

Unless people show a good case for keeping these defines, I'm going to start
to kill or unify then one by one. Reducing the number of moving parts in our
code base will only make it better. Not counting that constraining the arch
specific code will reduce the maintenance work on each of our back-ends.

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