[Mono-dev] Arm overflow arithmetic

Rodrigo Kumpera kumpera at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 18:25:43 EDT 2008

Hey guys,

I just got myself into a roadblock today while fixing overflow arithmetic
under ARM. The issue is that the emitted IR
cannot be properly translated to native code.

The ARM ISA has the oddity that carry/borrow works in the opposite way. Add
with carry do a +1 if the carry bit is set,
but Sub with borrow do a -1 if the carry bit is not set.

Then we have mono_decompose_opcode that use the same condition for both add
and sub:

    case OP_IADD_OVF:
        ins->opcode = OP_IADDCC;
        MONO_EMIT_NEW_COND_EXC (cfg, IOV, "OverflowException");
    case OP_ISUB_OVF:
        ins->opcode = OP_ISUBCC;
        MONO_EMIT_NEW_COND_EXC (cfg, IOV, "OverflowException");

I cannot fix that in the arm back-end as it should not reason about previous
My idea is to either move the SUB opcodes to arch specific code or add an

What do you guys think about this?

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