[Mono-dev] System.Data.SQLite changes that may interest Mono users

Robert Simpson sqlite_list at bcsft.com
Wed Aug 6 17:38:12 EDT 2008

I just posted version of the System.Data.SQLite provider here:



Included in this update is an option to recompile the managed provider
portion of the code with a SQLITE_STANDARD preprocessor symbol defined.  If
set, the provider will compile as managed only and p/invoke against the
stock "sqlite3" library with about 99% functionality of my modified version.


I also added the URI connection string from Marek's mono modifications.  I
*think* that at this point all you'd have to do is rename the namespace and
re-case the class names to get my provider sync'd up to the Mono.Data.Sqlite


If anyone's interested in working on that and giving me feedback, I'd be
happy to make any other changes needed in my version to help keep the mono
edition as easy to maintain for you guys as possible.


One major caveat:  Dr. Hipp only just this version (3.6.1) added precompiled
binary support for several metadata API functions.  The Mono.Data.Sqlite
provider was p/invoking these functions already, but the default binary from
sqlite.org did not export them.  They included
sqlite3_table_column_metadata(), sqlite3_column_orig(), and several other
metadata-related functions.


As such, the only version of System.Data.SQLite (and in fact any version of
the Mono.Data.Sqlite provider) that will pass a complete round of unit tests
is when backed to SQLite 3.6.1.




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