[Mono-dev] SHA1Managed speedups

Alan McGovern alan.mcgovern at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 14:25:07 EDT 2008

Hi igor,

>  [1] The first numbers from Alan, on Sunday using unsafe code, were
>  around 40% and he made more progress after that.
The current unsafe code version is just over 3x faster than the
default implementation in Mono 1.9. However this will never be
committed to mono itself. So don't get your hopes up on it ;)

>  I committed (i.e.it's already in HEAD) a small patch to helps ABC removal (fields versus
>  local). This gained (well reduced time by) 26% on a P4 (x86 JIT). The next day I tried th
>  same code on a 64 bit box (x86_64 JIT) and the time reduction was 32%.

My current working version using safe code only is about twice as fast
as Mono 1.9. It includes the patch mentioned above by sebastien. This
is the patch included in my first email. However, there is the issue
that this makes the SHA1 class a bit of a monster for the JIT. I'm
going to see if i can reduce the size of the class without losing too
much of the extra performance. So check back later tonight for exact
numbers and my testbench.


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