[Mono-dev] SHA1Managed speedups

Alan McGovern alan.mcgovern at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 09:36:50 EDT 2008

>  Please remove the unsafe keyword from both methods.

Ah, sorry. I attached the wrong patch. Kangaroo had already pointed
out that i had left in the unsafe keyword as part of my copy/paste
from my working copy and i thought i recreated the patch when i fixed
that, but obviously not.

>  Please always provide numbers (and the test cases) with performance
>  patches. Also compare the results with the code already in SVN (not the
>  previous releases) this way we compare the patch with the gain it
>  provides.

The 'Big Win' in this patch is unrolling the first loop. I'll attach
some numbers later giving exact details as to where the gains are as
compared to SVN head.

>  He asked me, more than once, to consider re-rolling the
>  SHA1 code. This piece of code is often the largest one the JIT is likely
>  to compile, as since it's used for assembly names it's a performance
>  (JIT time) hit being transfered to most Mono applications.

If the JIT cost is prohibitive to making this patch acceptable, i can
test partial unrolling of all the loops. I should be able to cut the
codesize by a large proportion while still getting the majority of the
speed beneffits. I'll testbench that later too.


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