[Mono-dev] Compiling Mono on SPARC

PCM Reddy Pcm.Reddy at Sun.COM
Fri Apr 25 15:06:51 EDT 2008

Andreas Färber wrote:
> Am 25.04.2008 um 20:13 schrieb PCM Reddy:
>> Thanks for the follow up. Finally with latest 1.9 sources I am able to
>> compile it on Solaris 10 SPARC.
> Great. If you needed anything in particular to make it work (flags,  
> vars etc.), please let us know so that it can be documented in Mono's  
> Wiki.
Couple of points to be documented.
I observed lot of warnings during compilation. It may be good idea to 
add appropriate compiler flags.
* User must use "gtar" instead of "tar"
* User must remove "mcs" command from path this conflicts during 
* init scripts created are not suited for solaris users need to edit them.
  ex: there is no start-stop-service command in solaris.

> Have fun,
> Andreas
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