[Mono-dev] crashes in glib hangs (not exits) program

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mbd at dbc.dk
Tue Apr 22 01:39:16 EDT 2008

mandag 21 April 2008 skrev Robert Jordan:
> Hi,
> D Bera wrote:
> > I am not asking mono recover from a crash. I am merely asking mono to
> > "not hang". That is an unpredicable behaviour since people want a
> > program to either run or not run but not stay in a middle state of
> > "doing nothing". Hope I am clear this time. Looking at the stack trace
> > I _think_ its just some bug in mono's after-crash-stacktrace-printer
> > which is causing the problem. Mono's behaviour (and yours too) is
> > absolutely right otherwise.
> It's most likely the g_spawn* that gets the stack trace from gdb. You 
> may try to comment out the offending code in mini/mini-exceptions.c.
> Perhaps we should couple the gdb stack trace with mono's --debug switch.

Please do not do this, as it really is to seperate issues: --debug gives me 
information about the workings of my C# code. The issue here is another: the 
crash in some external program.

> Or replace the g_spawn* call with plain libc calls...

I seem to recall, that it is possible to allocate a static buffer upon program 
start, that can be used to retrieve the stack info into, when segfaulting.



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