[Mono-dev] Searching the GAC w/ the embedded API

D Bera dbera.web at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 16:12:48 EDT 2008

>  >>> Also, is it possible to disable the crash dump in mono? I'm using
>  >>> abort() in a test suite, and it would be nice to not have a screenful of
>  >>> gdb info when a test fails.
>  >> Use assert(3) or glib's g_assert() instead.
>  >>
>  >
>  > Oh, oops, I mean I'm using assert. Sorry. This is raising SIGABRT on
>  > failed assertions, and I get the debug dump when using that. So do you
>  > mean "use g_assert" instead?
>  Sorry, g_assert won't work either. My crash dump was manually commented
>  out due an issue I was debugging recently.

With respect to this problem and the other thread "crash can hang
mono", it might be worthwhile to print the crash dump when if mono is
run with --debug.

- dBera

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