[Mono-dev] Gtk# 2.8.4 runtime for windows?

Vladimir Dimitrov vlad.dimitrov at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 17:12:56 EDT 2008

Hey guys I have been running In some deadlock lately using the different
versions of GTK# that are available around here. In GTK 2.10 there is cool
feature (Glib.ExceptionManager.UnhandledException) that enables you to
subscribe to that event and handle any unhandled exceptions your application
can encounter. Before that feature was available I used just a try {} catch
block around Application.Run and was able to catch the thrown exception and
log it. But now that this feature is available Application.Run is not
throwing any exceptions but instead you get  a message in the Console


"Exception in Gtk# callback delegate"

"  Note: Applications can use GLib.ExceptionManager.UnhandledException to
handle the exception."


So the only way to get the exception now is to use that event which is fine.
The problem comes when you want  to use the minimal version possible to get
this feature so people with older installations of mono/gtk# don't get
cutoff. The new Ubuntu 8.4 that is almost ready has a version of gtk# in its
repository (and Debian using backports) which has assemblies with version that has this event. Somehow I never got the connection between GTK+
and GTK# versions since this feature is supposed to be in 2.10.


Now the question is there a place where I can get the 2.8.4 runtimes for
windows since this is my build and developing environment? 2.8.3-x packages
are available around (from Medisphere) but they don't contain that feature.
And I have seen the code for 2.8.4 that has this implemented. And if I build
against a newer version of GTK# (say 2.10) I will have to write HOWTO's and
explain people how to install the latest mono for the next 6 months until
Ubuntu and the rest of the most used distros gets it in their repository.



 Vladimir Dimitrov

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