[Mono-dev] [PATCH] System.Messaging initial provider layer implementation

Michael Barker mike at middlesoft.co.uk
Fri Apr 11 06:35:07 EDT 2008

Jacob Gladish wrote:
> Does anyone know if there's an effort to implment a bridge compatible with MSMQ. I've noticed recently that Microsoft has published some of the docs around MSMQ and thought this may have created some interest in doing so.

None that I'm aware of.  With my implementation I am trying to add a 
provider (SPI) layer so that other implementations could be plugged in. 
  I am not going overboard with the design of this layer, but simply 
adding what's needed as I need it.  It could grow organically as other 
implementations are added.

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> Hello,
> That's a great challange :) Yes we would like to see the actual
> implementation somewhere.

I'll hopefully have a 0.0.1 next week.

> For your patch, I'd rather wait for the actual working code, as
> some properties in Message may be better tied to the actual
> bridge implementation. In case we decided to not go with your
> Qpid-based implementation, we might want to have diffent
> property implementation in Message.

I am deliberately trying to avoid compile time dependencies for the code 
in the System.Messaging namespace.  E.g. the Q-Pid client libraries drag 
in around 8 different dlls.

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