[Mono-dev] Mono.Media for GSOC

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Mon Apr 7 14:51:47 EDT 2008


> As pointed out previously by someone, Sun's Java Media Framework is  
> not the best point to model from. It is much too complicated and  
> inefficient to use, and can be considered mostly dead (we had to use  
> it at university for a project, but Sun hasn't offered new releases  
> for years). The open source MFJ replacement aimed to be binary  
> compatible and didn't seem to tackle the design issues.
> (our use case was video cut detection, i.e. navigating to frames,  
> capturing, analyzing and displaying them)

And that is the point, this is not a replacement for something like
GStreamer, the idea is to provide stuff like midi control (input,
playback, control) and not the other layers that people typically
associate with "Media".

And that is why you failed using it, its for something different.

> The JMF does have platform-dependent support for codecs itself (some  
> are Windows-only), hiding the codec details from the user and allowing  
> to add new codec support.
> If you're referring to some other Java media specification, please say  
> so to avoid confusion.
> Andreas

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