[Mono-dev] Using monodoce for non-official mono project

Joshua Tauberer jit at occams.info
Thu Apr 3 07:53:07 EDT 2008

Manuel de la Pena wrote:
> I'm in a developing group that is planning to release an opensource API
> that we have developed. We are looking in to different ways of
> documenting the code. We have come across monodoc and monodocer. Is it a
> tool that can just be used with official mono projects??Is there any way
> to use it to document our API and upload the changes to our server?
> A pointer to were locate this info would be greatly appreciated.

Yes. You can use monodocer to maintain XML documentation outside of your 
source files, and then monodocs2html to create static HTML documentation 
from that.

More here, though it is probably a little outdated:

Some example output:
    (the new things in the 2nd link might not be in Mono 1.1.9, not sure)

Jon Pryor is working on making the process a lot nicer...

- Josh Tauberer


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