[Mono-dev] mono_config_parse won't link, needs extern "C" declaration in header file

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Thu Apr 3 03:09:32 EDT 2008


Am 02.04.2008 um 22:40 schrieb Sebastian Good:

> It seems to me that adding G_{BEGIN/END}_DECLS to mono-config.h  
> requires a recompile because it causes the functions to be exported  
> as undecorated C signatures, rather than fully decorated C++  
> signatures. This was the only way I could link against the mono  
> libraries (which I do statically). Am I misunderstanding something?

Mono is not being compiled as C++, so its signatures should be okay.

Instead of adding G_{BEGIN/END}_DECLS to Mono's C headers you could  
try doing export "C" { ... } around your #includes in your C++ files  
for simplicity.

Note that if you change Mono's headers you may need to clean your  
embedding project since it most likely doesn't notice such changed  
dependencies outside your project.


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