[Mono-dev] mono_config_parse won't link, needs extern "C" declaration in header file

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Apr 1 17:51:28 EDT 2008


Sebastian Good wrote:
> So of course this means re-building Mono. Once that's done, everything
> works.

What do you mean with re-building Mono? Adding G_BEGIN_DECLS
to mono-config.h does not require a rebuild.

> There are a raft of problems with the embedding APIs that require many
> manual changes to get them to work. Have these been fixed in newer code
> drops? Specifically, there are edits to threads.h and of course the above.

The latter was fixed for Mono 1.9. Other issues are unknown at present,
so please file bugs if they are prevalent in 1.9.


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