[Mono-dev] HttpListener and basic auth

Maciej Paszta paszczi at go2.pl
Tue Apr 1 11:23:11 EDT 2008

Hello Guys,

I'm developing standalone service provider that uses HttpListener to  
serve appropriate requests. I'm having difficulty using Basic  
Authentication (not to say that it doesn't work at all). I'm using  
Mono 1.2.6 and the following testcase was performed on Windows, MacOS  
and Linux:

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The expected result is that browser shows login window when one can  
enter username and password. Unfortunately it doesn't. Method  
AuthenticationSelector is not called at all and the program throws  
NullReference exception in line 52. The following code was tested  
on .NET 2.0 and there it works as supposed.

Best regards,
Maciej Paszta 

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