[Mono-dev] MonoSummit: Planning the Sessions

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Wed Oct 31 11:30:28 EDT 2007

> * Moonlight/Boo/DLR
> I am cautiously curious about the Moonlets (the Moonlight desktop apps).
> Let's face it; sex sells and if it becomes easy to make sexy apps, everyone
> will use this technology.  Will it become easy?  

Well, the Moonlets are at an early stage since we are based on the
current 1.1 Silverlight API, and we know that 1.1 will change
significantly in the months to come.

So they are currently prototypes, I would not spend a lot of time on
this for now.

> Mono is becoming more and more efficient with memory.  I would love to hear
> some plans to join with OpenMoko, GNOME (http://www.gnome.org/mobile/), etc
> on the embedded front.  There is Java ME, where is our competing offering?

I believe Mono is scheduled to become part of GMAE;   We have to split
Mono in pieces (split out the .NET stack libraries into a separate
tarball, something that I want to do anyways).

> Will working on the Mac spread core developers too thin?  Should we stick to
> Gtk and get that right first?

Gtk is already right ;-)

Supporting the Mac community is about expanding our reach and expanding
the relevance of Mono.

By making sure that Mono is useful to Mac developers, by doing some of
the heavy lifting, we can grow the Mono ecosystem, and allow others to
help us with other parts of Mono.

It is an investment in the future of Mono.

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