[Mono-dev] C# festival TTS wrapper

R. Tyler Ballance tyler at monkeypox.org
Sun Oct 28 22:39:31 EDT 2007

On Oct 20, 2007, at 8:55 PM, Mauricio Henriquez wrote:

> Hi:
> Recently I build a very, very basic "Festival" (text to speech engine)
> wrapper for C#, with this you can make talk your C# app :-), anyone
> interesting?, where can I put the files to make this available?.

Recently I started working on something similar a few weeks ago but  
stopped after realizing how insane getting something functional would  
be :-P

The main problem with Festival, especially embedding it (using their  
server interface is cheating ;)), is surprisingly difficult since the  
main opensource TTS systems (Festival and FLite) both rely primarily  
on statically linking the hell out of everything with the most  
convoluted build systems. Getting code marshalling to work with  
Fetsival proved to be too large of a pain, and I'm hesitant to try the  
same with FLite since they're so similar.

That notwithstanding, I'm very interested to see what you've come up  
with, even if it does just hit their server API. Please let us know  
when you post the source code. :)

-R. Tyler Ballance

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