[Mono-dev] libsigc++ signal wrapper

Mauricio Henriquez mhenriquezs at terra.cl
Sun Oct 28 21:39:27 EDT 2007


Sorry if is the wronge place to ask this kind of stuff, but the 
libsigc++ mail list don't have much traffic and I'm sure that you have a 
lote of experience working with wrappers.

  Currently, I need to write a wrapper to allow a C# program to connect 
to a signal exposed in a class that use the libsigc++ library, and I 
want to ask if you have any idea, suggestion or documentation related to 
this kind of stuff??, I know how to write wrapper for native C/C++ 
inpout/output functions, but this is the first time that I need to write 
a wrapper for a "event".

In advance thank you very much.

Mauricio Henriquez

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