[Mono-dev] Developers: need 1.2.6 release notes.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Thu Oct 25 10:11:53 EDT 2007


> I'm having trouble convincing you developers to look at the fix though. 
> I submitted what I hope is the final version of the patch a week ago, 
> and no one has said a word. Perhaps the problem is that no one is 
> responsible for corlib?

The patch was reviewed on October 12th when a number of comments were
made by Paolo Molaro.  

Usually if someone is active, we hope that they try to follow our
guidelines for a code submission, we are hoping to turn these one-off
contributions into an ongoing relationship of new patches, but there is
a little bit of a learning curve involved (as Paolo's post shows).

Sometimes if we do not get any more feedback from the user, we end up
reworking the patch ourselves, but we always hope that we can get more
support from the community to help us improve Mono.

> This fixes, by the way, bug #322375 that I filed just over a year ago. 
> Wow, a year ago. And even when I fixed it myself I still can't get the 
> patch merged. :-(   *sniff*
> Just a little disappointed,
> -Tyler

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