[Mono-dev] Guestimates for effort to port Mono to game console?

Felipe Portella felipeportella.listas at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 06:14:08 EDT 2007


Can anyone give me a guestimate on the effort to port the mono runtime
> to an embedded PowerPC system (Wii and maybe even 360 if MS's 360 CLR
> doesn't stack up) and/or any hints as to what that would entail?

Unfortunately,  I don't have enough knowledge to give an opinion on this ...

We are
> considering going this route so that we could use C# for the scripting
> needs in our games instead of Lua (what we are currently using and
> finding quite unsatisfactory) or a hypothetical home-brew dynamic

.. but I became interested in this "limitations" of Lua because I also work
with it ... can you point out some problems that you have ?

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