[Mono-dev] Apache and Mono Setup

Archie Alafriz tarzanarch at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 01:14:41 EDT 2007

To: The Mono Development Head Team

We are currently involved in the development of an application wherein we
need to port our existing ASP.NET code under an open source environment. Our
server platform is hosting an apache web server which is used to host PHP
and other web services. With this in mind, our main concerns at the moment

1. Is it possible to install a parallel apache 2.0 service which can be
dedicated to Mono? If possible then can we ask for resources that will point
us on how this can be done?
2. How do we setup mysql 5 separately with the currently running mysql 4

Our aim is not to disrupt the currently running LAMP stack on the server and
as much as possible do our transition without interrupting the services
currently running.

Thank you very much, hope you can help us regarding this matter.

Anomalist Designs, LLC

Web: http://www.anomalistdesign.com/
Email: info at anomalistdesign.com
tarzanarch at gmail.com
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