[Mono-dev] .net library shared source

Jae Stutzman jaebird at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 19:46:10 EDT 2007

On 10/3/07, Jonathan Chambers <joncham at gmail.com> wrote:
> See Miguel's blog post: http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2007/Oct-03.html
> Also, the rules for contributing are still in effect:
> http://www.mono-project.com/Contributing
> "If you have looked at Microsoft's implementation of .NET or their shared
> source code, you will not be able to contribute to Mono."
> - Jonathan

Regardless of the "personal" friendly contacts within MS, the lawyers are
never friendly! We need to be more diligent now than ever that we do NOT
look at the code EVER. It may be good to have an independent 3rd party org
that does not contribute to mono to run code analysis between mono's impl
and the .net src on regular basis to make sure that the mono implementation
remains clean. MS releasing this just gives more ammo to the naysayers.
There is enough bad press from the folks that think mono is MS pandering.
This kinda thing is starting to make me annoyed! Sometimes I wish that the
relationship between Mono and MS was NOT so friendly :) Maybe we should
start name calling...heheh


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