[Mono-dev] gettext and Gtk#

Mirco Bauer meebey at meebey.net
Wed Oct 3 05:50:45 EDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-10-02 at 18:42 -0400, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > Regarding your feature request, of a fully managed gettext
> > implementation for Mono, that would only work partly if you use glade,
> > as glade will always use the unmanaged version.
> We could always change that.

You can? glade# calls libglade.so to construct/build/instance the
widgets, and a textdomain is passed with that. So libglade.so does the
translation calls (to libc6 on *nix and libintl on win32 AFAIK).

Btw, there is an fully managed I18N implementation available from the
GNU gettext project, but it's not supporting the traditional .mo files
but using resource assemblies instead, and that doesn't work with
glade's builtin gettext support as that only understands .mo files.

IMHO a bit ironic that Mono(.Posix.dll) supports the real gettext (.mo)
while GNU gettext itself doesn't but uses the .NET approach instead :-P

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