[Mono-dev] SVN does not compile

Nagappan anagappan at novell.com
Wed Oct 3 02:57:24 EDT 2007


Not sure about yesterday's update, but today I tried and it worked fine
for me, after SVN update. My previous check out was on Friday morning
IST and just sometime back I updated once again. No issue on my box


Mads Bondo Dydensborg wrote:
> Hi there
> Just a short message to let those responsible know, that svn has not compiled 
> for about three days now.
> make[8]: Entering directory `/home/compile/Compile/Mono/mcs/class/System.Data'
> ../../jay/jay -ct < ../../jay/skeleton.cs Mono.Data.SqlExpressions/Parser.jay 
>> Mono.Data.SqlExpressions/Parser.cs
> ../../jay/jay: 1 shift/reduce conflict.
> MONO_PATH="../../class/lib/default:
> $MONO_PATH" /home/compile/Compile/Mono/mono/runtime/mono-wrapper  ../../class/lib/default/mcs.exe /codepage:65001   -d:NET_1_1 -d:ONLY_1_1 -debug /noconfig -nowarn:649 -nowarn:169 -nowarn:219 -nowarn:168 -nowarn:1595 -unsafe -r:mscorlib.dll -r:../../class/lib/default/System.dll -r:System.Xml.dll  -r:System.EnterpriseServices.dll -r:Mono.Data.Tds.dll  -target:library -out:../../class/lib/default/System.Data.dll 
> Mono.Data.SqlExpressions/Parser.cs @System.Data.dll.sources
> System.Data.Odbc/OdbcTransaction.cs(54,1): error CS1002: Expecting `;'
> System.Data.Odbc/OdbcTransaction.cs(56,1): error CS1002: Expecting `;'
> System.Data.Odbc/OdbcTransaction.cs(58,1): error CS1002: Expecting `;'
> System.Data.Odbc/OdbcTransaction.cs(88,1): error CS1518: Expected `class', 
> `delegate', `enum', `interface', or `struct'
> Compilation failed: 4 error(s), 0 warnings
> Regards,
> Mads

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