[Mono-dev] gnome-keyring-sharp due for the GAC

Alp Toker alp at atoker.com
Tue Oct 2 21:16:11 EDT 2007

This evening I committed a patch to make Gnome.Keyring, the managed 
Gnome keyring client implementation written by Gonzalo, installable to 
the GAC.

The patch is based on what's already packaged by OpenSUSE, who have been 
pushing the envelope to make this library fully installable. The Debian 
guys were not comfortable applying such a patch, so they've waited 
patiently for us to provide an official installable release.

This is the last chance to make API-breaking changes or even obsoletions 
before we stabilize and make the release, so application authors and 
packagers should speak up as soon as possible if they are uncomfortable 
with any aspect of the library. At this stage, only critical changes 
will realistically be accepted.

We have been cautious with Gnome.Keyring because it contains 
security-related code, and I would have been happier if we could have 
done a full audit and feature comparison with the unmanaged Gnome 
keyring client library, but at this point it works, is tried and tested 
so we might as well go ahead and make the release.

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