[Mono-dev] C bindings VS C++ bindings (Gtk# vs. Kimono?)

Brad Taylor brad at getcoded.net
Tue Oct 2 17:15:45 EDT 2007


> > > We had discussed this about a year ago and decided that we had different
> > > interests, since we were focused on using MS .NET on Windows, and the
> > > Mono team wanted to (rightfully so) focus on Mono on Windows.
> > 
> > Are the binaries for .NET and Mono any different, other than the GAC
> > install directory?

No, they're identical.

> I build gtk# on windows with vs .net for the sole purpose of eventually
> shipping gtk# for ms .net.

Ah, we're building gtk# under cygwin (but with MS .NET).

> I think it's ok to have separate installers, but we may want to
> reconsider the overall picture if we move everything to .msi.
> (Ie: maybe have an .msi installer for gtk+, or use someone elses, one
> for core mono, another for gtk#, etc...)

Yeah, I am intrigued at the possibility of using MSI merge modules so
that we could have a Gtk+ MSI merge module, a Gtk# merge module, and one
for Mono, and those could be removed/included at will, but I remember
hearing (I think from Paco) that it wasn't possible because of issues
with GACing.  It's definitely something we can (and probably should)
look into.

> > Do you think it would be possible to have a single installer that
> could
> > install the same assemblies into both GACs?

Yes, I think this is possible, however it would force you guys to ship
Mono in a separate installer.

While we're chatting, if anyone is interested in getting their hands on
the source for our installers, they're available on our SourceForge.net




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