[Mono-dev] segfault on an ARM processor but not on a x86 (Linux) or .NET on Windows

Dave Ferguson davecferguson at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 16:50:01 EST 2007

We saw several seg faults when AppDomain.Unload was called in Mono on an ARM
processor.  The same code executed fine on x86 mono and .NET on Windows.
What I think was happening, but not sure, was that we were attempting to
unload the only app domain in the process.  It seems like mono under x86 and
.NET on windows handles this by ignoring the call and doesn't cause a seg
fault.  Also, when we were seeing this, it was not at the line of code, but
just randomly after the call.  I believe this had to do with garbage
collection removing references that it shouldn't have.  We could change the
timing of the seg fault by introducing some more intensive logging around
the area.

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