[Mono-dev] HEAD build broken?

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Wed Nov 21 10:52:22 EST 2007

Sometimes you need to do make PROFILE=net_2_1 clean under mcs, or
make clean under mono when you aren't lucky enough, or sometimes
even make maintainer-clean or distclean.

The buildbot is your friend if you are in doubt on build sanity ;-)

Atsushi Eno

Ivan N. Zlatev wrote:
> I am failing to compile HEAD r90040 because of the following:
> make[7]: Entering directory `/svn/mono/mcs/tools/tuner'
> make all-local
> make[8]: Entering directory `/svn/mono/mcs/tools/tuner'
> MONO_PATH=".:../../class/lib/default:$MONO_PATH"
> /svn/mono/mono/runtime/mono-wrapper  --debug ../linker/monolinker.exe
> -d ../../class/lib/net_2_1 -o ../../class/lib/net_2_1_tuned -l none -c
> link -a smcs -b true -m display_internalized false  -x
> Descriptors/mscorlib.xml -x Descriptors/smcs.xml -x
> Descriptors/System.xml -s
> Mono.Tuner.InjectAttributes,Mono.Tuner:OutputStep -s
> Mono.Tuner.AdjustVisibility,Mono.Tuner:OutputStep -s
> Mono.Tuner.PrintStatus,Mono.Tuner:OutputStep -s
> Mono.Tuner.RemoveSerialization,Mono.Tuner:OutputStep -s
> Mono.Tuner.CheckVisibility,Mono.Tuner -i
> masterinfos/silverlight/mscorlib.info -i
> masterinfos/silverlight/System.info -i
> masterinfos/silverlight/System.Core.info -i
> masterinfos/silverlight/System.Xml.Core.info
> Fatal error in Mono CIL Linker
> System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type
> 'Mono.Tuner.InjectAttributes,Mono.Tuner'.
>   at (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Type:internal_from_name
> (string,bool,bool)
>   at System.Type.GetType (System.String typeName, Boolean
> throwOnError) [0x00011] in
> /svn/mono/mcs/class/corlib/System/Type.cs:457
>   at Mono.Linker.Driver.ResolveStep (System.String type) [0x00000] in
> /svn/mono/mcs/tools/linker/Mono.Linker/Driver.cs:197
>   at Mono.Linker.Driver.AddCustomStep (Mono.Linker.Pipeline pipeline,
> System.String arg) [0x00053] in
> /svn/mono/mcs/tools/linker/Mono.Linker/Driver.cs:177
>   at Mono.Linker.Driver.Run () [0x001a6] in
> /svn/mono/mcs/tools/linker/Mono.Linker/Driver.cs:124
>   at Mono.Linker.Driver.Main (System.String[] args) [0x00014] in
> /svn/mono/mcs/tools/linker/Mono.Linker/Driver.cs:51
> make[8]: *** [tune] Error 1

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