[Mono-dev] Compiling mono on ppc64

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Wed Nov 21 09:16:48 EST 2007


Am 21.11.2007 um 13:53 schrieb Paul F. Johnson:

> I currently build and maintain a number of packages for the Fedora  
> Linux
> distro and one of the things which I can't find a reason for is why  
> on a
> PPC64, mono fails to build from source.
> Is there currently anything within mono which stops this from  
> happening?

I started a ppc64 port but it isn't finished yet.

The current status is that you should be able to build a ppc (32-bit)  
Mono 1.2.6 on a ppc64 Linux host.
This was tested on Debian, if additional changes to configure.in are  
necessary to make it work on Fedora please submit patches. If there is  
any other build failure, as usual please file a detailed bug report.

For "real" 64-bit ppc64 OSX/Linux support see:
Some major changes to the JIT code generation are necessary, pending  
review, and they are incomplete - feel free to contribute if you have  
any ideas. As posted before I'm pretty much stuck there and have only  
occasionally resolved merge conflicts.


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