[Mono-dev] DllNotFoundException: gdiplus.so

Wolfgang Schulze-Zachau wolfgangs at manticoreit.com
Thu Nov 15 17:51:07 EST 2007


you will probably laugh at me, but I cannot for the life of me figure
out how to get this to work.
I am using monodevelop to write a little app. As soon as I want to see
any widget properties or the toolbox, I get an unhandled exception
saying that it could not find gdiplus.dll.
So I look up the relevant stuff (such as
http://www.mono-project.com/DllNotFoundException), I follow all the
advice, and still, no luck.
The relevant config files have been updated, i.e. they contain a dllmap
entry and now it is complaining about not being able to load
libgdiplus.so. I have added the relevant folders to my path variable,
added a LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable, you name it, no success.

System runs debian etch, monodevelop was compiled from source. Most
other things seem to work fine (haven't tried everything yet).

Any pointers would be highly appreciated.


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