[Mono-dev] GTK# NUnit Gui

Charlie Poole charlie at pooleconsulting.com
Thu Nov 15 13:44:49 EST 2007

Hi All,

Is anyone currently maintaining this? Would you be interested in putting
it under the umbrella of the (new) NUnit 3.0 Testing Platform - shortly
to be announced more widely?

I'm seeing this as a sort of meta-project, so component projects
could stay where they are, but we would be making sure that 
each component stayed up to date with the latest NUnit.

BTW, I'm considering using Launchpad, at least for the coordination
and packaging level of the various projects. If anyone has
experience using it, I'd be glad to have your thoughts on
how well it works - offline most likely is best.

Alternatively, you can jump in on the nunitv3 group on Google,
which is now public.


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