[Mono-dev] Tracking test runs...

Thomas Wiest twiest at novell.com
Wed Nov 14 00:02:40 EST 2007

Thomas Wiest wrote:
> Hey Guys,
>     As the test team churns through our testcases in testopia for our
> next Mono release, you can see our current status (including failures),
> here:
> https://bugzilla.novell.com/tr_list_runs.cgi?plan_id=702
> Even as we run through the testcases on Preview 2 and beyond, this link
> will continue to show you the status of our current test runs.
> This URL has been added to http://www.mono-project.com/Bugs in case you
> forget it. :)
It appears that there are some permissions issues. Currently only
accounts with @novell.com e-mail addresses can see this page. I'll talk
to the testopia guys tomorrow and see if we can get this opened up to
the public.


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