[Mono-dev] [PATCH] make MIPS port to work more

Yoichi NAKAYAMA nakayama at pixela.co.jp
Tue Nov 13 20:45:27 EST 2007

  After the previous post, I adjusted calling convention and added missing
code emission, etc (see details in ChangeLog entry). Now it passes:
  tests/{even-odd.exe, handleref.exe, pinvoke.exe, pinvoke3.exe, pinvoke11.exe,
         pinvoke13.exe, pinvoke17.exe, appdomain1.exe, appdomain2.exe,
         appdomain.exe, appdomain-exit.exe cross-domain.exe, test-dup-mp.exe} 
in addition to mini/(*.exe except exceptions.exe). Tested on Debian/qemu-system-mips.

I'd like to contribute attached patch to the Mono project.

Best regards,
Pixela Corporat
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