[Mono-dev] Running System.Data.OracleClient test suite

Konstantin Triger kostat at mainsoft.com
Tue Nov 13 06:06:59 EST 2007

Hi Leszek,

When I submitted the test suite to mono, I put all the Oracle configuration info into .../System.Data.OracleClient/Test/System.Data.OracleClient.jvm/readme.txt.

Konstantin Triger

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> Hi,
> running the tests should be something trivial to do and instead
> yesterday I spent 2 hours trying to figure out how I got them to run
> before... So here's a short instruction.
> Obtaining needed OCI binaries: The machine that will run the tests
> needs 'oracle-instantclient-basic" and 'oracle-instantclient-sqlplus'
> packages installed - they should be available though your
> distributions package manager. Please note that you'll need to create
> an Oracle account for downloading anything from oracle.com.
> Obtain and compile mono svn tree
> (http://www.mono-
> project.com/Compiling_Mono#Building_Mono_from_the_Subversion_Repository).
> Navigate to mcs/class/System.Data.OracleClient and run 'make run-test'
> (for net_1_1 profile) or 'make run-test PROFILE=net_2_0' . Most tests
> will be ignored, as there's no database connection configured.
> Setting up Oracle server: Fastest way to get Oracle up & running is to
> use free Oracle Express Edition
> (http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/database/xe/htdocs/102
> xewinsoft.html),
> Universal version. I prefer to use a virtual Windows machine for this,
> installation on Linux is quite cumbersome. Remember to turn off the
> firewall or at least open port 1521 for incoming connections.
> Create a 'tnsnames.ora' file. It should be located in
> '/usr/lib/oracle/' - the
> '' part is the instantclient version you have installed.
> You'll have to move this file if you ever change the instantclient
> version. An example file is attached to this mail, it should be enough
> to edit the IP address after "HOST =" .
> Creating user and databases: Use the web frontend on the server
> machine to create user 'GHTDB' with password 'GHTDB' and roles
> CONNECT, RESOURCE and DBA (yes, this means full access). On the test
> machine, navigate to
> mcs/class/System.Data.OracleClient/Test/System.Data.OracleClient.jvm
> and issue the following commands to populate the database:
> 'sqlplus "GHTDB/GHTDB at VMWARE" @GHTDB.ORACLE.sql' and 'sqlplus
> "GHTDB/GHTDB at VMWARE" @GHTDB.Data.ORACLE.sql' (where VMWARE is the
> identifier of the database in the tnsnames.ora file).
> Configuring connection string for the tests: In
> mcs/class/System.Data.OracleClient directory , copy
> 'System.Data.OracleClient_test_default.dll.config.example' to
> 'System.Data.OracleClient_test_default.dll.config' and
> System.Data.OracleClient_test_net_2_0.dll.config', then edit the
> connection string values to read "Data Source=VMWARE;User
> ID=GHTDB;Password=GHTDB;".
> Finally, run the test suite.
> Currently there are about 35 tests that fail AND there are also tests
> marked as NotWorking on targets other than JVM. Ideally they should
> all pass (the NotWorking attribute was used for tests that hang
> instead of simply failing).
> Questions? Comments?
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