[Mono-dev] VMWear player for Mono development

Vladimir Giszpenc vgiszpenc at dsci.com
Tue Nov 6 13:49:49 EST 2007

Hi Miguel,

I would love to see a Xen DomU guest image as well.  I realize that VMWare
has a free offering, but it is not open source.  Xen's hypervisor was built
into Microsoft's Virtualization server.  It is part of OpenSuse and the new
Linux kernel has a lot of it baked in.

Mono should run on a better VM player i.e. Xen running with Dom0 host such
as OpenSuse, Fedora, Gentoo, etc.  I realize that there is a documentation
effort, but I strongly believe that increasing the Xen community can do
nothing but good for Mono.  Xen is much more efficient with memory and it
would be a nice fit for the Novell/FOSS marketing machine.

> bounces at lists.ximian.com] On Behalf Of Miguel de Icaza
> > The current VMWear player is one of the greatest things Mono has to
> > boost exploration of Mono. I love it. In fact I love it so much, I
> > want another!
> >
> > What about a VMWear player setup with Mono source and SVN so one could
> > just fire it up, update the source from svn and start contributing?
> That is a very nice idea;   We are going to update this with a new
> OpenSUSE 10.3 installation as well.


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