[Mono-dev] 1.2.6 Release Notes

Ivan N. Zlatev contact at i-nz.net
Mon Nov 5 18:01:49 EST 2007

My notes as follows.


* SplitContainer now supports FixedPanel layouting.


Initial implementation of the .Net 1.1 and .Net 2.0 Design-Time
framework. Includes:

* Hosting: DesignSurface, DesignSurfaceManager, etc.
* CodeDom Serialization/Deserialization: CodeDomSerializer,
CodeDomSerializerBase, DesignerSerializationManager, etc
* Core WinForms Designers Stack: ComponentDesigner, ControlDesigner,
ScrollableControlDesigner, ParentControlDesigner, DocumentDesigner,

P.S: I am starting a new thread because the original got polluted.

Ivan N. Zlatev

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