[Mono-dev] Patch for System.IO.Ports.SerialPort ReadLine function

Michael Mattess MichaelMattess at rauland.com.au
Sun Nov 4 21:41:36 EST 2007



This morning I have put together a little patch for the
System.IO.Ports.SerialPort ReadLine function so that it uses the NewLine
property value rather than '\n' to identify the end of a line (see bug


Below is my replacement ReadLine() function.  I could add some code to
more efficiently handle the specific (and common) case where NewLine is
a single character. Bus since this is serial coms I doubt that this code
will be a performance bottle neck and the general implementation should
be ok.


Also I noticed that the NewLine property can be assigned an empty
string, which throws an exception in MS.Net (see bug #339012).


I have tested this function by itself with some standalone unit tests,
by removing the call to  stream.Read and replacing it with a call to a
mocked up read function.




public string ReadLine (){


    List<byte> bytes_read = new List<byte>();

    byte[] buff = new byte[1];

    int new_line_offset = 0;


    while(true) {

        int n = stream.Read(buff, 0, 1);


        if(n == -1) {







        if(bytes_read.Count >= new_line.Length) {

            bool isNewLine = true;


            //check if we have read a NewLine string.

            for(int i = 0; i < new_line.Length; i++) {

                if(bytes_read[new_line_offset + i] != new_line[i]) {

                    isNewLine = false;





            if(isNewLine) {

                //Remove the NewLine string from the read line.











Michael Mattess


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