[Mono-dev] [PATCH] New tests for Regular expressions

Arina Itkes arinai at mainsoft.com
Sun Nov 4 06:51:36 EST 2007

Hi Gert,


I looked the test case 44 and saw that I have mistaken in the expected

Now it fixed and committed with revision 88816.


But this test is not passing on Mono both in previous version and now.
(Now it is passing on MS)


Also I saw that you added the Category "NotDotNet" for some not working
tests in the file RegexMatchTests.cs.

I checked they all are passing on MS. Can you check it  again?


Thank you. Arina.



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Test case 44 in RegexResultTests is failing on MS (but passing on Mono).
Can you look into this?







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Subject: [Mono-dev] [PATCH] New tests for Regular expressions

I added new tests for regular expressions. Part of them is not working.

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