[Mono-dev] MonoSummit: Planning the Sessions

Brock Reeve Brock.Reeve at ni.com
Fri Nov 2 10:39:01 EDT 2007

I like the idea of having a debugging session. I am a VS.NET brat and am 
struggling with the best way to debug (hunt down issues) and learn some of 
the Mono framework. I have created VS.NET solutions for System.Drawing and 
System.Windows.Forms so I could browse the source with VS.NET which helps. 
My current way is to build on Windows, copy the assemblies and use 
Console.Writeline to debug and learn stacks. Let's just say this is not 
ideal. So the session could be titled something like "Debugging Mono for 
VS.NET brats". Some ideas for a debugging session:

- What tools/processes do Mono developers use to develop?
- What is the easiest way for VS.NET developers to debug the framework?
- What is the process for submitting code changes (patch files)?

I also would like to see a session on the dependencies and the way modules 
are organized. For example, what the mono framework libraries call into 
and their dependencies. What parts are unmanged and which parts are 
managed etc. Here is some examples (the dependencies are things I have 
read and learned from buildling and might not be totally correct):

- Class libraries -> [glib-2.0] - [gthread-2.0] - [libgc]
- Moon -> [ffmpeg] - [GTK -> GDK] - [ALSA]
- System.Drawing -> [libgdiplus -> Cairo (statically linked into 


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Re: [Mono-dev] MonoSummit: Planning the Sessions

Dam Gmail, it doesn't includ the list by defaut when answering
2007/10/31, Petit Eric <surfzoid at gmail.com>:
> At this time there is a way/method/howto for have a simalar debuging
> tool as MS in MD, to folow own code step by step, pas throug and so on
> directly in MD IDE/RAD, during execution of the program ?
> 2007/10/31, Miguel de Icaza <miguel at ximian.com>:
> >
> > > I would be happy to hear about debugging applications with mono, the 
state of
> > > the debugger, etc.
> > >
> > > Also, in relation to this, debugging mono itself: when you _really_ 
think what
> > > you observe is not a bug in your program, how to go about checking 
> > > against the C# standard, MS implementation, whatever.
> >
> > Great suggestion;
> >
> > We will add a "Debugging with MDB" tutorial, and we probably will have 
> > Tips and Trick BOF session.
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