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"Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ] "Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ]
Fri Nov 2 05:04:33 EDT 2007

Thomas Wiest escribió:
> Ernesto wrote:
>> Euan MacInnes wrote:
>>> I would suggest that, rather than one version, Mono should split up 
>>> it's packages differently.
>> I have to agree. If we are talking about a "on size fits all" Mono 
>> distribution, no version number can be too descriptive.
> Exactly, so maybe we eliminate the confusion entirely and use a version
> number that has nothing to do with .Net.
> It seems to me that the whole problem that we are having is that we keep
> trying to imply our status with our version number, and people keep
> inferring wrong (as with Miguel's example of the guy asking when asp.net
> 2.0 would be done). Why don't we stop trying to imply our status through
> our version number?
> If we had a completely different numbering scheme, this wouldn't happen.
> For instance, we could do something like Ubuntu where we take the
> Year.Month.0 of the release. So, 1.2.6 would most likely be 7.11.0.
> 7.11.0 doesn't make any sense to a .Net person. Therefore they will have
> to go read the release notes and other documentation to find out exactly
> what is in this version. Bug fix only releases could be 7.11.1, .2, etc.
> The other nice thing about this is since Miguel started working on Mono
> in 2000, it would be a close approximation of how many years have been
> put into the release (and how mature the project is). If the version is
> going to imply anything, it should imply the maturity. :)
> Even if we decided to have individual version for each component, we
> should still have a version number that encompasses the whole.

Hey! I think that solution rocks!
Mono global version number could have something like 7.11.2, and each 
specific component could have a version number that matches the progress 
of it to target .NET features. For example:

Mono 7.11.2 released! It contains:
- WinForms 1.8
- ADO.NET 1.9
- Olive 0.8 (which includes .NET 3.0 specific stuff):
* WCF (80% complete)
* WCS (40% complete)
- LINQ 0.7 (.NET 3.5 stuff)


	Andrés	[ knocte ]


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