[Mono-dev] Mono stub development

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Mon May 28 05:27:36 EDT 2007


cool :) Yes we have some documents for contributing:


You would be intersted in the latter one.

Patches are welcome on this mailing list. If you have changes
based on svn trunk, just do "svn diff > your.patch"

Atsushi Eno

Ieuan Friend wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Is there a document somewhere which explains the contribution process
> which you could point me to?
> I've created some stubs for missing methods (with [MonoTodo] etc as per
> the guidelines that I could fine) and added an extra enumeration or two
> to my mono source to allow my app to compile in the first instance.
> Thought they might help other people attempting to port their apps to
> Mono.
> Where should I send these additions?
> Regards,
> Ieuan
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