[Mono-dev] System.ServiceModel.Syndication

Stephen A. Jazdzewski steve at jazd.com
Sat May 26 17:34:24 EDT 2007


Kenneth suggested that I move my work from mcs to olive.  I don't have enough experience here to make a determination, what do you think?

----- "Kenneth Parnell" <k.parnell at gmail.com> wrote in a private thread:
> Hey Stephen,
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> The wiki can
> be updated now to signify that it is being worked on. You can also go
> ahead and start writing the method signatures for the class you are
> working on and tag them with [MonoTODO]. You should include yourself
> as the author/copy-write holder, but your code would be released under
> the MIT X11 license. The general license scheme for mono is:
>     • The C# Compiler and tools are released under the terms of the
> GPL.
>     • The runtime libraries are under the LGPL 2.0
>     • The class libraries are released under the terms of the MIT X11.
> The text for the MIT X11 license can be found at
> http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.html
> I hope that helps. Let me know if there is anything else.
> On 5/26/07 , Stephen A. Jazdzewski < steve at jazd.com > wrote:
> Kenneth,
> ----- "Kenneth Parnell" < k.parnell at gmail.com > wrote:
> > • you should probably be working out of olive instead of mcs. Even
> > though System.ServiceModel.Syndication isn't orcas dependent in my 
> > opinion it wouldn't be included as a part of the mcs at this point.
> > (Miguel what do you think?)
> > • I would suggest that you start implementing the actual class
> > before you get too far into the test suite if you haven't already. I
> > find that helps the development process go a little smoother.
> > (Personal preference you can take it for what it's worth.)
> >> On 5/26/07 , Stephen A. Jazdzewski < steve at jazd.com > wrote:
> This is the first time I have every formally written Unit tests. I
> have always agreed with the flow in theory but never had a chance to
> do it in practice. So I must admit I'm probably going to go a little
> overboard while I'm learning. For example, when I first starting
> writing user interfaces I removed all the paper and writing implements
> from my office to force myself to write paperless applications...
> Until I come to my senses (a week or so) I want to take advantage of
> the fact that these libraries already exist. I'm also still learning a
> lot about what the library creators where intending to create. The
> documentation is not very complete.
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> What license text should I put in my source files? I currently work
> full time as a programmer, but that company does not pay me to work on
> this project. All the mono work is done from home on my personal
> computer. I do own a very small ISP corporation (more like a sole
> proprietorship). So I may list myself as the author any my corporation
> as the copyright holder.
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