[Mono-dev] CSS-Friendly support?

Marek Habersack grendello at gmail.com
Fri May 25 11:44:28 EDT 2007

On Fri, 25 May 2007 16:58:56 +0200, Fredrik Elestedt <fredrik at elestedt.com>

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> Marek,

> Good to know that it is planned.
> Perhaps I could help in some way to get it done? I do have a "small"
> self-interest in getting it working :D
> Should it be implemented entierly in C#? Do you know _how_ to get the
> support in there, but simply do not have the time to write it?
Yes, I know how to do it - it's a time+priority issue. But, if you want to take
a stab - you're by all means welcome. Basically, we need two things - a private
class in the System.Web assembly to _compile_ the XML description into C# code
(for an example of a similar compiler, see the source of the culevel compiler
in the mcs sources) and a build provider which will expose the class to the
world. MS.NET ships the precompiled database as a binary assembly and never
recompiles it dynamically. We won't even do that - we aren't going to ship any
predefined database, we'll continue to use browscaps.ini instead. The only use
of the compiler class and the build provider will be when the user puts
a .browser file in ~/App_Code/, to dynamically build the C# code out of the
description _and_ plug it into the browser properties lookup pipeline. Since
we're going to keep using browscaps.ini for the main properties, I believe
the .browser-based property lookup should take precedence over the
browscaps.ini one. This is in short words what needs to be done. I can't stress
enough that we do not want to use this code as the main method of property
lookup (since it's slow, because of regexps it can use, header/field matches
etc.) - it will only be used when the adapter information is required.

> I'll be glad to help, if I'm able to.
if you have any questions, send me a mail off-list so we can discuss the
implementation details.

best regards,

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