[Mono-dev] Fwd: javascript compiler for Moonlight.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Fri May 25 11:32:39 EDT 2007

Hello Olivier,

> I have just start to done a compiler of javascript in C# for
> Moonlight.
> It is just to ask if someone is ever working on it... and if there is
> a place in svn to commit in order to make it open to community for
> dev ;) 

Is this using the DLR? 

I suggest that you do two things:

	* That you ensure that your publicly visible API matches the 
	  Silverlight Javascript compiler, either using the object
	  browser in Visual Studio or using monop2:

	  Use monop2 -r Microsoft.Javascript.dll

	  And then dump each type with:

		monop2 -r:Microsoft.Javascript.dll Some.Type

	* You should check this work into the olive module, in the
	  olive/class directory.

	* You should write a tokenizer/parser from scratch based on 
	  the public spec instead of the one that we did in the past,
	  I suggest a manually written recursive descendant parser 
	  or even jay, but I would stay away from antlr which is a
	  pretty large dependency to put in the tree


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